Coder Sans Mono

Coder Sans Mono is a free, open source font designed for both programming and general text editing.
It was last updated on 2015-01-07.

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Coder Sans may be used on any platform, but since it was developed on and for Mac OS, the ideal size is 12 points at 72 points per inch for maximum sharpness.

The font is a work in progress; several glyphs are still a bit clunky and only the basic ASCII character set is included. Full ISO-Latin and Windows-Latin coverage is planned, along with a set of common Unicode characters. Please check back later for updates.

Coder Sans is open source and public domain. There are no legal restrictions on use. But if you create variations, please use a different font name and identifier so that your version doesn't conflict when activated alongside others on the same system. I'd also love to see what you do with it, and include any improvements in my version if you'd allow it.

Character Set



Extended ASCII

 ƒˆŠŒ Ž  ˜šœ žŸ




Family: Coder Sans Mono
Style: Regular
PostScript Name: CoderSansMono-Regular
Unique Name: 1.017;UKWN;CoderSansMono-Regular
Designer: Adam Bjornson
Designer URL:
Vendor: None
Copyright: Public Domain
Embedding Rights: Preview & Print Embedding Allowed
Version: 1.063
Version Date: 2015-10-07
File Name: Coder Sans Mono.otf
File Format: OpenType font
File Size: 12,328 bytes

Weight: Regular
Width: Medium (Normal)
Units Per Em: 960
Character Width: 960
Ascender: 720
Cap Height: 640
x-Height: 480
Descender: -240
Vertical Stems: 80
Horizontal Stems: 80
Grid Spacing: 80
Subdivision: 8
Italic Angle: 0
Monospaced: True
Generator: Glyphs Mini 1.5.3
Engine: PS 001.017, hotconv 1.0.70, 2.5.58329

Native Size: 12pt
Optimal Density: 72ppi
Line Width: 610px for 80 characters at 12pt
Compare With: 567px for Liberation Mono (-8.85%)
Line Height: 16px at 12pt
Languages: Latinesque, Romanesque
Glyphs: 184
Glyph Set: (see above)
ASCII Coverage: 100% (127/127)
Extended ASCII Coverage (Windows-1252): 36% (46/127)
Additional Unicode Glyphs: 13

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